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Why "ZooWalkers"? Because we're so much more than dog walkers!

  • We love all animals (dogs just happen to be our specialty).

  • We are caring and committed.

  • We're here for you in all weather, rain, shine or snow.

  • We're proud to wear the title of ZooWalker!

 Pete Blanchette

Pete Blanchette

Pets bring us closer to nature. I grew up with two cats and since then I've had several more, a few dogs, some fish and even a couple turtles. I began working with pets after college, first at a pet store, volunteering for local shelters, then for a professional pet sitting company. I have fostered and rehabilitated difficult dogs into happy homes, I became Red Cross Canine First Aid certified in 2008, and moved to the Albany area of New York state in 2010, where ZooWalker's story began.

I study dog behavior and nutrition, and favor positive training methods. I prefer to use the gentlest training methods possible to keep pups thinking pawsitively!

I enjoy the company of my furry friends whenever possible, whether I’m enjoying camping or canoeing in nature, home on a rainy day reading a good book, or cuddling on the couch after a job well done.


Nate Spain

Becoming part of the ZooWalker team in 2018, Nate is a friendly, outgoing guy. Our clients agree! He brings lifelong experience caring for his own pets, and an enthusiasm for helping others know the peace-of-mind that comes with reliable pet care.

ZooWalker Hall of Fame

 Chelsea Kruger

Chelsea Kruger (co-founder, retired 10/2018)

Chelsea has been a lifelong pet owner and lover of all animals! With her caring and compassionate nature, early work experience (PetSmart), and a high level of professional responsibility, Chelsea made an outstanding ZooWalker.

Amazingly, she juggled her passion for pet care with a full-time job helping the public. Near the end of 2018, Chelsea retired from ZooWalker to focus on her New York State career, and to continue her education. She will always be remembered fondly for her treasured contributions to ZooWalker!